Hillside Supper Club - <small>Come as strangers, leave as friends.


Founded by two chefs who enjoy the camaraderie of eating and drinking together, the Hillside Supper Club promotes introducing new friends, experiencing different foods, and experimenting with fun ingredients, all while building a community around the principals of simplicity and sustainability. We are inspired by old world traditions and the importance of seasons. We like functional, realistic, and things that work. We are never stuffy, always comfortable. Come as strangers, leave as friends…Enjoy!

Tony Ferrari grew up in Cincinnati, surrounded by his grandmother’s Italian cooking. At the ripe age of 13, he started washing dishes and making fresh pasta after school at a small Italian bistro, where he was inspired to be a chef. In 2003, he joined the prestigious five-star Maisonette, lead by Bertrand Bouquin, honing his skills and fine-dining technique.

After graduating high school a year early, Tony headed to Miami, Florida to enroll in culinary school at Johnson and Wales University. Upon graduating in 2006, he met his most influential mentor John Suley while working at the Ritz Carlton. During his 5 year stint in Miami, Tony was the opening sous chef for Suley’s restaurant, Joley. He also had the opportunity to spend time learning classical cooking with Christian Delouvrier at La Goulue and at Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Steak.

Looking for new adventures, Tony left Miami for Europe to get a better understanding of his roots and old world traditions. He cooked with Michelin-rated chefs such as Renato Rizzardi in Italy and in restaurants like The Box Tree in Leeds, England, but he felt most fulfilled learning about pasta and bread from grandmothers in the countryside of Italy. Inspired by the farming and products of Europe, Tony decided to learn more about sustainability and local fare.

A grant from the James Beard and Jean Louis Palladin Foundation allowed Tony to travel through Thailand to study holistic farming, food, cooking, and culture, all while staging at Bo.lan in Bangkok. Back in the States, Tony settled in San Francisco, working closely with small farmers and artisanal producers to better understand local organic sustainable cuisine. He fell in love with the Bay area and decided to stay.

In 2009, while working at Acquerello, Tony realized he wanted to venture off to more casual, comfortable dining and joined the Velvet Room in the Clift Hotel as the opening sous chef.

This young chef is passionate and driven, and has worked with some of the best chefs around the world. Today he has joined his old college classmate Jonathan Sutton in creating Hillside Supper Club, a social dining experience using local sustainable practices and products.

Jonathan Sutton was born in Washington and raised in the Puget Sound on the San Juan Islands. At a young age, Jonathan learned the art of sustainable farming, surrounded by organic food from his mother’s garden, preserving fruits and vegetables, chickens roaming freely in the back yard, working on his fathers small organic vineyard, hunting and fishing excursions with his older brother, and learning rustic Italian cooking through his grandpa Mario. And so began his passion for culinary arts.

In 2007, Jonathan graduated from Johnson and Wales University in North Miami, Florida. Before graduating, he participated as a member of the opening team of La Goulue in Bal Harbor, Florida for Christian Delouvrier, the four-star chef of the great restaurant Lespinasse, where he learned the fundamentals of classic cooking. This also being where Jonathan met Jordan Llord, his most influential mentor to this day.

A year later, Jonathan moved to Chicago to be a part of Delouvrier’s new restaurant, Brasserie Rhulman. He also had the opportunity to spend some time under Philippe Boulot in Portland Oregon, learning Pacific Northwest cuisine. In 2009, he headed to Washington D.C. to work for Michelin two-star chef Michael Mina, at Bourbon Steak in Georgetown’s Four Seasons Hotel. While in D.C., being an ambitious young chef, Jonathan became part of the opening team for Michelin three-star chef Jean George Vongerichten, at J&G Steak House at the W Hotel.

After spending time in the nation’s capital, Jonathan moved cross country to San Francisco to be a part of the re-opening for Michael Mina’s flagship restaurant in the famous Aqua space.

This young chef has studied with some of the world’s most well-respected chefs, and it shows. Now Jonathan has joined with Tony Ferrari, an old culinary classmate, to create the Hillside Supper Club, a social dining experience, using local sustainable seasonal ingredients to develop a market-driven cuisine, keeping the old world traditions alive.