Red Kuri Squash + Kale Salad*
Farro, bloomed cranberries, toasted pecans, whipped goat cheese,
balsamic vin  9

Chopped Thai Style Cabbage Salad
Mint, cilantro, fresno chili, sesame, peanut, fish sauce lime vin  10

Split Pea Soup
Baby carrots, pecorino, chives, focaccia8

Bison Tartare*
Mint, capers, cornichons, shallots, quail egg, grilled levain  13

Nonna’s Meatballs
Tomato sauce, picked herbs, pecorino, focaccia  11

Potted Dungeness Crab
Whipped crème fraîche, sturgeon caviar, warm biscuits16

Liberty Farms Duck Liver Mousse*
Cranberry gelee, whole grain mustard, grilled levain  10

Octopus Carpaccio
Celery, tangerine, lemon, olive oil, caper, chili  14


Maine Lobster Tortellini
Bisque, roe, celery root puree, flowers, micro celery18 / 28

Roasted Local Rabbit*
Castelvetrano olives, sweet potato, pine nuts, cici beans, golden raisin  27

Steamed Black Cod*
Crème fraîche sauce, fennel, beech mushrooms, dill, roe30

Short Rib Pot Pie
Thumbelina carrots, rutabaga, pearl onion, oyster mushroom, chasseur veloute 28
Veg Pot Pie option is available upon request


Plate of homemade focaccia, rosemary, olive oil  3
Add house cured bacon to any dish  5*

* Is a gluten free dish or can be.