Having been just a few years out of culinary school, Jonathan Sutton and Tony Ferrari, chef/owners of Hillside Supper Club in Bernal Heights, hadn't planned on opening a restaurant by the age of twenty-five. But most things don't happen the way we expect....  Read more



This Bay Area staple kicked off as a popular pop-up hosted by chefs and pals Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton and got its funding via a successful Kickstarter campaign. And since settling into Bernal Heights in 2013, the intrepid twenty-something chefs, along with Ferrari’s younger brother Austin – he’s just 22 years old, weave their food around the terrific wine program with authority....  Read more


Do You Crave Sustainable Food? You'll Find It in Spades at This Inspired San Francisco Supper club

Wander the steep streets of Bernal Heights in San Francisco and you're bound to stumble on a gem called the Hillside Supperclub. Bernal Heights was recently named the hottest neighborhood in the country and it's no coincidence that this Supperclub is right here because the chef/owners say their eatery is about much more than food - it's about the neighborhood.....  Read more


Hillside Supper Club Team Invades the Kitchen at James Beard House

The James Beard Awards are the Oscars for the culinary trade, and the James Beard Foundation is its Academy. Earlier this month, chefs Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton from the Hillside Supper Club on Precita Park were invited to New York to cook a special dinner at the James Beard House, and it was quite a big to-do.....  Read more


James Beard Foundation Dinner - Bay Area Supper Club

Named for its perch on a picturesque San Francisco slope, the casually elegant Hillside Supper Club boasts a seasonally driven menu of Italian-influenced California fare. Join us as chefs Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton dazzle guests with their hyperlocal cuisine, sustainable wines, and neighborly zeal....  Read more


Hillside Supper Club fills a communal niche

When the Hillside Supper Club celebrated its second anniversary last month, the owners prepared a special fixed-price menu and rearranged the tables to create two communal tables....  Read more

Uncovering 10 hearty pot pies

Then there’s the standard chicken pot pie at places like the Big 4. There’s also an updated version at Hillside Supper Club using rabbit, which turned out to be one of my favorites. Currently the pie is being made with venison....  Read more


Zagat 30 under 30; Rock Stars Redefining the Industry

Former Johnson & Wales classmates Ferrari and Sutton collectively toiled away for years at fine-dining spots like Acquerello, Michael Mina and Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s J&G before realizing their restaurant dream the 2.0 way, by way of pop-ups and a Kickstarter campaign.  Read more


10 Comfort-Food Dishes, Worth Every Calorie!

We think one of the many definitions of a comforting dish is one that reminds you of your roots, and that’s certainly the case for Chef Tony Ferrari of Hillside Supper Club when it comes to the eatery’s crispy house-made goetta dish.  Read more

Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton of Hillside Supper Club

First, it was a group of Bernal Heights neighbors gathering in each other's homes for dinner. Then it was a pop-up restaurant. And finally, last January, Hillside Supper Club landed a permanent space in their longtime pop-up venue, the former Caffe Cozzolino.  Read more 

The Ultimate Guide To S.F's Bernal Heights

Hillside Supper Club feels like such a hidden gem, that we almost don’t want to tell you all about it to keep it all to ourselves. Once you taste the fresh, seasonal California fare that restaurant chefs, Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton, churn out, you’ll want to keep it a secret, too.
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First Year Anniversary Dinner at Hillside Supper Club

Oh, how the time flies!  The fabulous and transformative Hillside Supper Club on Precita Park has been open for a year, and to celebrate their first anniversary they’re hosting a special four-course dinner, TONIGHT, Monday January 20, followed by a party later in the evening.
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Hillside Supper Club Arriving in Bernal in January

Two of the guys behind the former Bernal Supper Club are hoping to open their first brick-and-mortar restaurant on or around January 23, if all goes well, and we're thinking this could be an ambitious and tucked-away little find.
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Hillside Supper Club Targets Fulltime Opening on Jan. 23

Let the record show that Bernalwood was a fan of the Hillside Supper Club even before it was cool.
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Hillside Supper Club to Open Full-Scale Restaurant in Bernal

The Bernal Heights pop-up ~HILLSIDE SUPPER CLUB~ is about to go full scale. Owners Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton have been popping up at Caffe Cozzolino for almost a year now, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign.    Read more


Hillside Supper Club Will Go Permanent In January

Hillside Supper Club main man Tony Ferrari writes today to say that he and business partner Jonathan Sutton have signed a lease at Caffe Cozzolino, where they've been staging pop-ups for the past year or so. Now, Cozzolino's owners of 30 years are ready to pass the torch to the next generation.    Read more


Michael Bauer - Favorite dishes

On Monday I checked out the Hillside Supper Club pop-up that happens every Monday and Tuesday in the Colzzolino space in Bernal Heights. Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton create a $32 three-course menu, with choices in each section. You can get watermelon salad with sheep feta and watercress; halibut with orzo, sunflowers and almonds (pictured) and dessert including an almond milk panna cotta.    Read more


Bernal Supper Club Moves to Caffe Cozzolino, Hoping to Own Space This Year

2012 appears to be the year of Bernal Supper Club. Craving a location in Bernal Heights, the BSC crew recently relocated from their spot at Winemakers Speakeasy to Caffe Cozzolino. Makes sense, seeing as they're the Bernal Supper Club.    Read more

Self-sufficiency in Meyer lemons is the goal of a citywide project

The splendid dinner was by the Bernal Supper Club team, which has been serving pop-up meals a few nights a week at Caffe Cozzolino and is planning on expanding to full-blown restaurant.    Read more

FINALLY! Bernal Supper Club Will Pop-Up at Cafe Cozzolino

Okay, this is just such a great story. After enduring a “diaspora period” in the Mission District, the pop-up Bernal Supper Club has now found a new home here at home in Bernal Heights. And even more exciting is the location: The Bernal Supper Club will be setting up shop in the underutilized, underdelicious Cafe Cozzolino space on the southwest corner of Precita Park.    Read more